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signing of 6500t project in syria

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       recently, the company and the general contractor sinoma overseas engineering co., ltd. signed the syrian 6500tpd clinker line installation and construction contract.
       the scope of the contract includes all work related to equipment installation, steel structure, pipeline, non-standard installation, electrical, automation, cable and bridge laying, lighting engineering, heat preservation and masonry engineering, water treatment, fire protection system installation, as well as equipment and material inventory and storage, single machine test run, linkage test car, guarantee during commissioning, etc.
       syria project is the largest one of nearly 300 contracts signed by the company since its establishment in 2015, which will have a positive and significant impact on the company's production and operation in 2020. in the face of opportunities and challenges, the company will go all out to strive for the second three-year plan to produce fruitful results in 2020!