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the congo king project goes smoothly

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       the cilu heidelberg 1700t/d clinker production line is located in lukala, democratic republic of the congo, 220km from the capital kinshasa. it was designed and contracted by the tianjin cement design and research institute, and the kiln system restoration and construction began on november 29, 2017. our company is mainly responsible for the steel structure, non-standards, pipelines, road insulation and mechanical and electrical equipment installation of this part. our staff has already entered the market since the end of march. the preparatory work for the pre-heater, the warehouse and other production work; preparation work with the tower crane and the ascent tower, on-site temporary electrical laying and other work. so far, the electrical part of the work can be installed; the pulverized coal bunker part can be installed and the kiln tail tower has been prepared before construction.

pulverized coal warehouse lifting

tower crane lift 45m

inclined zipper and kiln head power room

kiln tail tower foundation began to tie reinforcement

kiln smoke chamber pair

kiln and kiln foundation

full production factory
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