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revitalize base, new parking lot

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   jingxing electromechanical - revitalization of the base to improve service awareness, improve service quality
   in order to improve the living environment of the staff and improve the quality of life of the staff, the revitalization base was planned to plan the parking space in the living area in april 2017, and the staff's dormitory windows unified replacement, living area health implementation of regional responsibility system to ensure that employees at work at the same time, to have a comfortable living environment.
   the revitalization of the base as a late base of our company, has a positive service concept to serve all the projects at home and abroad, has completed inner mongolia potash project, saudi scc project, congo gold cilu project, tibet aggregate production line transformation project procurement, personnel to receive the protection of work. revitalization of the base at the same time responsible for the revitalization of the cement co., ltd. 2 cement production line warranty work, was revitalized cement co., ltd. praise.