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tibet project old limestone belt a successful transformation

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       tibet high for aggregate production line is invested by tibet for high building materials group, hunan design & research institute of building materials co. ltd. design supply, with an annual output of 1 million cubic aggregate production line construction contractor in tianjin mine engineering co. ltd., our company is responsible for the mechanical and electrical equipment installation project. the project installation project started in march 10, 2017, third for high cement production line will be put into operation in the second quarter, with taiyuan limestone crushing production capacity, the need for limestone crushing machine, plate feeding machine, belt conveyor and transformation equipment. to accomplish this project project, my company sent to overcome the negative factors of the plateau reaction of veteran soldiers and able captains, and bad weather, geographical conditions, actively work. this project consists of three renovation project completed, up to now, a period of transformation of the old line limestone belt successfully completed and put into production, steel structure and non-standard production project is being carried out, and make full preparations for the post renovation project.

installation of belt conveyor in phase i reconstruction project