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the maintenance sector (north china area) has made great ach

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       2020 is an extraordinary year, just entering the new year, the whole country is facing a sudden epidemic of new crown, and all walks of life are suspended. many major repair and technical transformation projects of our company's maintenance sector that have signed or reached intention agreements have been put on hold. the contract amount reaches more than 4.8 million yuan and cannot be implemented. when the construction personnel, machines and tools and materials are ready, we have to stop work completely.
       north china maintenance area is the key business area of our company, especially tianjin jinyu zhenxing environmental protection technology co., ltd. for 15 years. at the same time, it undertakes the long-term maintenance business of the factory. in order to reduce unnecessary contact during the epidemic period, the maintenance personnel are mobilized not to go home for the spring festival. therefore, the maintenance business basically maintains normal operation, and other maintenance items in north china the project is suspended. with the national epidemic situation effectively controlled and began to improve, in late march, part of the maintenance business in north china gradually started. due to the impact of epidemic control, it became a new difficulty for construction personnel to return to work. in the maintenance section of our company, employees were encouraged to take private cars and rent (contracted) cars, and special cars were arranged to pick up employees from different regions and provinces. and comply with the relevant requirements of national epidemic control, check, audit, cooperate with isolation, measure body temperature at fixed time and fixed point, environmental disinfection and other effective means to overcome difficulties, orderly and effectively organize personnel to enter the site, and gradually carry out maintenance, technical transformation and other construction business.
       from january 2020 to early august 2020, when the epidemic situation was under control and business stagnated from february to march, the maintenance, overhaul, overhaul, technical reform and safety standards of tianjin jinyu zhenxing, baoding taihang heyi, jinyu jidong laishui, quyang jinyu, tangxian jidong, etc. have been completed or in progress in north china block of maintenance board, with the contract output value of more than 15 million yuan in the same period last year, under the situation of strict control of the epidemic situation in the whole country, it is not easy to achieve such achievements.

arrange special vehicles to pick up employees from gansu and shaanxi