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guangzhou yuebao project 3 sets of roller press system succe

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       our company in june 2016 won the bid in guangzhou huarun yue fort cement roll press energy-saving projects, including: machinery, electrical equipment installation, automated instrument installation, process equipment and pipelines, non-standard and non-standard equipment production installation, insulation works, ventilation and piping installation, water supply and drainage as well as anti-corrosion engineering, power distribution equipment, electronic control equipment, lighting, lightning protection grounding, dcs system and stand-alone, linkage operation debugging, removal of old equipment and rotary kiln maintenance and cement mill renovation project.
       up to now i division of the three sets of roll press system, the new cement deployment system and the old line clinker transport, accessories conveyor system removal, installation have been completed acceptance. during the peak of our construction staff reached 210 people, day and night fighting. as the construction of a strong, excellent quality of construction, and ultimately by the owners side, the supervision side and the total package has been recognized and praised.

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