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and then read the "state office no. 34" have a sen

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   last may, the state council promulgated the "guidance on the promotion of building materials industry to adjust the structure of steady growth and increase the efficiency of" (guo ban fa 2016 no. 34) (hereinafter referred to as no. 34), clearly stated, will advance through the supply side structural reforms, promote the transformation and upgrading, the healthy development of building materials industry.
   the development course of looking back on the domestic cement industry, from the kiln to dry, along with the rapid development of domestic economy, the cement industry continues to expand the scale and improve the level of equipment and technology, green and sustainable development ability of innovation, significantly enhanced, played a positive role in the social economic development and improving people's livelihood.
   however, is the so-called "chengyexiaohe baiyexiaohe", with the decline in economic growth, decline in market demand for cement, the long scale rapid expansion has brought overcapacity problems have become increasingly severe, become the leading industry efficiency decline, restricting the industry long-term sustainable development of the important factors.
is based on this understanding, "no. 34" steady growth, structural adjustment as the main goal of including cement, building materials industry supply side structural reform, which solve the problem of overcapacity is the priority among priorities.
   now, six months later, the cement industry to the road capacity is in line with expectations?

   new capacity into production
   released in may last year, the "no. 34", the policy level of cement clinker production capacity control made more stringent requirements. clearly, the "strict control of cement production capacity, by the end of 2020, the record is strictly prohibited and new expansion project construction of cement clinker production capacity; by the end of 2017, to suspend the replacement of cement clinker production capacity of actual controller is different between enterprises."
   in fact, from the beginning of the "country 38", has expressly provided "strictly control new cement production capacity, eliminate backward production capacity, the principle of equal execution, on september 30, 2009 has not yet started the construction of cement projects will be suspended and conduct a serious clean-up, do not comply with the above principles of project construction is strictly prohibited." however, the policy still allows for the construction of cement production lines by way of capacity replacement.
   based on this point, the cement industry in recent years, the new production capacity has not completely stopped. according to china's cement network statistics show that "no. 38" released that year, the country's new production of cement clinker production line 176, a total of 1.95 tons of capacity. in 2010, new production capacity of cement clinker reached the highest level in history, and 211 cement production lines were built, with a total capacity of 2.57 tons. by 2016, 20 new dry cement clinker production lines have been put into operation nationwide, with a total capacity of 27 million 373 thousand tons of clinker.
production capacity of new dry process clinker in new china in 2008-2016 years
   from the policy point of view, as early as 2009, china has banned new cement production capacity, but production capacity replacement and transformation of the production line based on the new production capacity still exists, but had to be pointed out that this point had increased the difficulty of the domestic cement industry to production.
   on the one hand, the new production line in the province under the unified coordination capacity replacement is the province of the original backward cement production capacity equivalent replacement or reduction replacement (the actual execution by equivalent based), on the other hand, the owners of their own on the production line of production capacity is also brought to the upgrading of production capacity after the fall, two unable to reach the scale of the overall production capacity of cement to reduce fundamentally; capacity replacement policy based on the existence of the construction of cement production line in china did not stop, part of the cement enterprises for their own interests, in the process of replacement of even "excess replacement" and "multiple replacement" has occurred, this will further increase the difficulty of compressed cement production capacity.
   not long ago, i had to take over a report on the guangxi cement enterprises lead to expansion of production capacity of the production license can not handle, long-term illegal production of the case, but this is just a microcosm of china in recent years to expand production capacity of cement. we need to see is that the "state council no. 38 issued, a number of projects under construction and after non-compliance capacity replacement project, is an important factor in the continued growth of the domestic cement production scale.
   facing the current overcapacity situation, the author thinks that to control the elimination of backward cement production capacity, achieve the purpose of it is necessary to tighten policy implementation capacity replacement, reduction replacement, improve the amount of replacement ratio. at the same time, strictly implement the relevant policies, strict regulations to prevent the expansion of production capacity, new capacity, with the elimination of backward production capacity, weak competition initiative yajian excess capacity, so as to effectively resolve the overcapacity pressure.
   difficult to eliminate backward production capacity
   and new production capacity continue to correspond to the elimination of backward production capacity is facing some practical problems.
   in recent years, for speeding up the elimination of backward production capacity to increase domestic energy saving targets, intended as a means of forced backward production capacity out. the "emission standard of air pollutants" cement industry as an example, the new standard will be nitrogen oxide emission standards in cement industry by 800mg/nm3 tightened to 400mg/nm3 (key area 320mg/nm3), dust emissions by 100mg/nm3 tightened to 30mg/nm3 (key areas: 20mg/nm3), two sulfur dioxide emissions by 400mg/nm3 tightened to 200mg/nm3 (key areas: 100mg/nm3). cement emission control costs rose sharply.
   in addition, no. 34 also made it clear that the enterprise pollutant emissions is not up to the requirements or ultra total sewage, the implementation of continuous daily punishment; if the circumstances are serious, the approval of the people's government report approval, ordered to suspend or close down. energy consumption over the limit, should be in 6 months rectification standards; indeed need to extend the period of rectification, the application may be extended for not more than 3 months duration; overdue is still not standard, according to law shutting down. it is against the law to investigate and punish the production and sale of cement products that are not in conformity with the mandatory standards of the state and the production and sale of cement products without production licenses.
increased environmental costs, which has a positive significance for the elimination of backward production capacity. backward production capacity due to its cost control ability is insufficient, and large emissions of pollutants, environmental governance costs higher, facing adverse market competition status and the decline in market demand, industry competition under the background of the living space will undoubtedly suffer great compression.
   however, there are some deviations in the course of actual implementation. on the one hand, the supervision of energy saving and environmental protection environmental protection enterprises leads to uneven, fraud phenomenon frequently, 2016 cement industry had discovered a number of environmental data fraud, resulting in unfair competition in the market has seriously weakened the means of saving and environmental protection on the elimination of backward production capacity promotion; on the other hand, since last year the growing industry "self-discipline" production behavior, though upgrade to a greater extent the industry profits, to maintain market stability, but the lack of competition in the market but also to facilitate survival of backward production capacity.
   therefore, in the present circumstances, to make full use of energy saving and emission reduction in the elimination of backward production capacity forced the need to prepare for the. both to continuously improve energy conservation and environmental protection standards, strict law enforcement, to ensure fair and just, but also to a certain extent limit industry collaboration, to prevent backward production capacity, while cooperating with the machine to get breathing space.
   in addition, in the past few years cement development peak, appeared in speculation as the main purpose of the new production line, although known as the new dry process production line, but the indicators do not necessarily meet. a considerable number of such production lines have been merged, to a certain extent buried the backward production capacity "hidden trouble", this part of the reasonable disposal of capacity is also a test.
staggering production overuse
   and industry collaboration, staggering production is the national policy for alleviating environmental pollution, reduce the pressure on electricity, the basic policy to develop yajian cement production capacity.
   no. 34 also made it clear that the heating area of the heating period (including the overall implementation of cement clinker using carbide slag cement clinker production peak), shorten the operation time of heating device, yajian area clinker production capacity, and effectively avoid the cement clinker production emissions and heating boiler emissions superposition, reduce air pollution in heating period. the rest of the cement clinker device during the spring festival and summer dog days should also be staggering production".
   can be said that countries "staggering production" policy has its rationality, especially in the current serious environmental pollution, the cement industry overcapacity serious background, can reduce the pollutant emissions to a certain extent, staggering production, stable cement market, but also should see, the policy is moving towards a more extreme in the process of implementation.
   according to statistics, china cement net 2016-2017, the national cement industry ushered in the peak production of the largest ever. in addition to the fifteen northern province, hubei and hunan, sichuan, chongqing, jiangsu also joined the ranks of staggering production, plus          fujian, guangdong, guangxi, zhejiang and other southern provinces in winter to stop the kiln, the peak production covering the major cement production areas of china.
   as china cement net senior advisor long once said: "as everyone knows, only tacit. cement enterprises of the so-called "staggering production", although there are certain components of the pollutant emission peak and stagger stack effect, but the main purpose is to express the inconvenience to the needs of the market downturn to stagger the valley."