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[original] heidelberg completed 45% stake in italy cement me

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   in july 1st, heidelberg cement ag completed the acquisition of s.p.a45% stake in italy cement from italmobiliare s.p.a.. all procedures relating to the conclusion of the acquisition transaction have been fulfilled by the relevant competition authorities.
   the chairman of the board, dr. bernd scheifele, said: "the conclusion of today's m & a transaction is a milestone for heidelberg cement.". italy cement under the banner of our global layout and innovation capabilities have been significantly improved. through mutual cooperation and learning from each other, we will have greater potential for value creation. from now on, we will concentrate on the internalization and integration of italy cement."
   in july 28, 2015, heidelberg cement and italy cement into the beginning of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions as the end of today, heidelberg cement italy cement 157 million 170 thousand ordinary shares, accounting for 45% of all of its shares, the transaction price of 10.6 euros per share, totaling 1 billion 670 million euros. among them, 82 million 820 thousand of the shares paid in cash, and 74 million 350 thousand additional shares of heidelberg cement 10 million 500 thousand new shares to pay. therefore, italmobiliare has 5.3% stake in heidelberg cement, cement industry has become the second largest shareholder in heidelberg.