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ement enterprise internationalization road how to walk

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       "if you become a real multinational company, we need to solve the problem of cement enterprises, business and international giants of the gap, and how to go internationalization.
        with the domestic cement industry overcapacity increasingly serious, coupled with the country's "one side of the road" policy to encourage domestic enterprises to go out to participate in "along the way" construction, the domestic cement enterprises have also accelerated the pace of going out, began to embark on international pace of. but the internationalization of the road how to go is placed in front of our domestic cement business a problem, we need to understand to go abroad to build a factory is not international, internationalization is a complex process. this paper explains the gap between chinese enterprises and multinational corporations by comparing la lafarge and the chinese building materials and conch cement to explain how the internationalization of the road is going.
       first, the global distribution, risk-sharing
       we first compare to see the lower side of the french law and china's china building materials, conch cement. lafarge is recognized as the world's first multinational cement giant, we can in addition to antarctica outside the mainland found that the company's subsidiary of the figure, china's building materials is china's largest cement business, whether in cement production or sales , the conch cement is the best of china's cement industry, the best enterprises, is now going out to do one of the most successful cement companies.
       first of all, we compare the three companies in the cement production and production data. from the production capacity, the performance of china's cement giant has been flat or more than la faji haorui, china building materials in 2016 capacity of 409 million tons, conch    cement for the 313 million tons, while lafarge is the 350 million tons; from the sales point of view, the chinese giants are better, china building materials and conch cement, respectively, to 291 million tons and 277 million tons of sales over rafaela hawker 233 million tons of sales. therefore, we can find that the chinese company from the cement production and sales volume and the world's first has been completely not backward, we have become the world's giants in the volume.
figure 1: cement clinker production capacity sales data (tons)
source: annual reports of companies, china cement research institute
       for china's building materials and conch cement, its main business is still confined to china's inland, conch cement currently has 4,800 tons of clinker production capacity overseas, cement production capacity of 9.35 million tons, mainly in southeast asia, indonesia, myanmar, laos , compared to the global layout of lafarge hawley, the domestic enterprise production capacity is too concentrated. although china's current economic development is still stable, but we all can not avoid the fact that the peak of china's cement demand has passed. in the future, the cement industry may only continue to shrink down until it reaches a steady amount. in such a situation, a large number of production capacity in a country or region of the cement industry is the existence of a greater long-term risk. at present, china's cement production capacity of the status quo has affected the benefits of the various cement companies, the current peak peak production and can not fundamentally solve the problem of excess, short-term because of the benefits of peak production is also tantamount to poisoning thirst quencher.
       we look at lafarge herrion, the current group for those mature markets such as north america and europe are controlled within a certain range, the group layout of its production capacity in emerging markets, although a country may occur in the short term demand decline in prices and other issues. for example, in 2016 indonesia, brazil and other markets are to pull out, but this does not affect it through other areas of income to enhance its overall income, the risk is spread to various countries, the so-called eggs do not all put in a basket the
we compare the income of various companies, we through the exchange rate of 1: 7 rahao 2016 cement and aggregate sales revenue reached 125.6 billion yuan, far more than the domestic chinese building materials and conch cement cement sales revenue, which is because foreign market, the price of cement is much higher than the domestic, in the current domestic so severe market conditions, the price can no longer further uplift, can only rely on the peak production of collaborative price adjustment to maintain the price. we look at the gross margin, according to the annual report published by lahor, raohao 2016 cement clinker gross margin as high as 41.9%, even if the domestic to do very good conch gross margin is only 31.52%. so we can find that the international market is still very attractive.
figure 2: cement based clinker sales revenue
source: annual reports of companies, china cement research institute
       second, the use of local talent
       although we mentioned the international market of cement prices higher than the domestic, but it is also a highly competitive free market, lafarge haorui philippine ceo in a recent media interview, said: "as long as overcapacity, price war can not be avoided "therefore, our domestic enterprises are in the international market, whether to do the face of fierce price war preparations. as mentioned earlier in the article, in the case of transnational operations, a region's losses are acceptable. therefore, the domestic enterprises in the process of going out may encounter large enterprises and local companies launched the price war, violent sniper new competitors.
        this is the appropriate business strategy and talent pool is the advantage of multinational giants, such as lafarge guorui such international giants have been completely used to fighting in such a free market, they established a stable sales network, a strong talent pool and a complete competitive strategy. we see the lafarge hawthorn in the country's basic business has been carried out by the local local talent management, the group headquarters is only responsible for the overall development of enterprise development strategy. in such circumstances, the business more flexible and local, and more likely to be successful. we are not saying that hiring a locals is internationalized, but in a management company only the company's home country's nationality, talk about internationalization?
       we go back to the domestic business, we see more is that we bring advanced cement production technology, the construction of large-scale production lines, we can more understanding, we are in other countries to build a cement factory, and then sell cement locally, but it is far from internationalization. of course, we are still in the initial stage, we can not eat into a fat man, but we need to continue to work on this road, the rational use of local talent resources for corporate governance, will be far more than dispatch management to the local management and management more effective. local talent has an advantage over language, social relations, or understanding of local culture, law and social environment.
       third, corporate social responsibility
       with the idea of ​​the global compact in 2000, multinational companies around the world are increasingly emphasizing global responsibility, including human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption aspects. such as lafarge is the perfect business in this area, before the merger of lafarge in 2008 has been rated as "the world's top 100 most sustainable development of enterprises", is also selected for the ranked the only company in the field of construction.
       lafarge is very focused on the sense of honor and corporate social responsibility, the pursuit of sustainable development of enterprises. innovation has always been the core of lafarge, lafarge is constantly investing in r & d innovation, hoping to provide a more comfortable, lasting and beautiful community living environment through the innovation of building materials and the reform of production and processing methods.
        compared to the domestic enterprises, although we are now also doing more and more environmentally friendly, especially in the production technology and technology, has been fully in line with environmental standards, but we here to pay attention to is that our domestic enterprises environmental protection and other standards is out of external pressure, the law requires us to do so, we only do, compared to lafarge guorui such multinational companies, more is to take the initiative to bear such responsibility, although from the essence said that for the long-term interests of enterprises, but many of our domestic enterprises to lack such a long-term thinking of the idea.
in addition, we have a very important matter for multinational corporations, government relations. this year's lafarge hercules raised a bail for isis bribery to protect the company, even if the company such as lafarge is the setback in this regard. our domestic cement enterprises in the international road to go out when we must always pay attention to the past domestic experience makes china to go out of the enterprise is also biased in favor of the use of bribery and other illegal means to obtain part of the benefits, which is quite dangerous, because when things are burst, companies will face post-mortem or image risk.
      four, summary
     conch, red lion, huaxin and other outstanding cement companies have begun to embark on the international road, but we need to understand is not to build a factory abroad is international, and internationalization is a complex process, enterprises to integrate grasp, long-term planning, and more to other industry pioneers such as lenovo, huawei and other learning, making the business really benefit from the internationalization.
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