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efficiency is the benefit of service to win customers

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-------- note guangzhou yue fort mine crusher maintenance
       since the establishment of the guangzhou office since the company, bear the zhujiangr cement, the yuebao cement, the sinoma changde, sinoma xiangtan, sinoma yunfu and many other production line technical transformation and maintenance tasks, after two years of efforts, regardless of the owner and contractor have given my company a very high evaluation.
       on september 19, 2017, we received a notice from the company that asked us to immediately organize maintenance personnel to replace the mine crusher rotor. construction period from downtime to put into operation only 72 hours, the workload is very large, demolition, assembly weight to more than 120 tons, the number of people required to install 18 people. my company hu zhihong manager received a notice immediately after the organization of maintenance personnel, from the material changde, huarun changjiang, sinoma yunfu and other projects deployed elite troops will be rushed to guangzhou night fort cement company; at the same time the company headquarters to send lujinhu and other four people drove from the tianjin base to guangzhou yuebao. the morning of september 22nd, all maintenance personnel involved in the mobilization of all in place, the night began dismantling the crusher work, after three days and nights of continuous hard work, in the afternoon of 25 crusher assembly completed earlier than the planned duration of 6 hours, and a successful commissioning, the successful completion of the maintenance tasks!
       the successful completion of the maintenance tasks, by the owners side of praise, but also reflects my company received the task after the emergency response capability and high management coordination capacity for future emergency, rapid maintenance project to accumulate experience also lay a solid foundation.
                                   (guang zhou office)