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namibia project proceeded according to plan

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       whale stone cement co., ltd. has an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of cement production lines funded by yafei group co., ltd. tianjin cement industry design and research institute co., ltd. is the general contractor. our company is responsible for the construction of b tender section. the main construction contents are: equipment installation in the b standard area, steel structure installation, electrical installation, pipeline installation, heat preservation and other projects. the project is 280km away from windhoek in the capital of namibia and about 8km from the city of ochvarongo. part of the first phase of the cement grinding station of the entire project has already been put into production. the construction of the second phase of the clinker line is now underway. so far, the pulverized coal bunker and raw coal bunker have been completed and other steel structures are under construction.

limestone, accessories raw material shed

raw material grinding workshop steel frame installation

raw material deployment conveyor truss production completed

production site

cement production line
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