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south african project enters construction peak

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       the heidelberg grinding project in south africa is located in the koha industrial zone in port elizabeth. the factory is 5km from the port of kohar, 25km from the port elizabeth airport and 10km from the general contractor’s residence. the civil works unit is randcivils, a local subcontractor in south africa. the subcontractor for small buildings such as fences and offices is the south african subcontractor camel rock trading (founded by the fujianese in china). on-site construction personnel's approach, construction safety, environment, and sanitation are managed by the local koha management committee. our staff began to enter the stadium years ago. up to now, the scene completed: preparation of steel warehouses began to produce, cement mill overall production completed 2, the raw material pile shed pit transfer completed 2, the transfer station main body installation completed 2, cement mill reducer, grinding disc, shell lifting completed . other work is also in progress in an orderly manner.

packing shop finished steel warehouse hanging package (mid-april)

vertical mill reducer base installation (mid-april)

cement warehouse 1# and 4# were completed

3#6m beam pouring of cement warehouse

cement grinding reducer base installation (early april)

cement mixing station

transfer station 1, 2 main steel structure installation, belt conveyor and dust collector installation

transfer station 4 steel body installation, bf24 dust collector installation
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