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qianyang solid waste project construction begins

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       the project is to use the existing 1,500t/d clinker production line of qianyang conch cement co. to co-dispose of local solid waste hazardous waste. the main contents include: solid waste treatment, solid waste transportation and kiln incineration, waste liquid treatment, fly ash incineration, sludge pretreatment and transportation, etc. the daily solid waste treatment volume is 30 tons. on may 6th, our company made a total of 4 people to enter the arena and began preparations for construction. on the 11th of the month, the living area, construction site, and temporary electrical installation were all completed with formal construction conditions. on may 13, the first batch of materials entered the market and began non-standard production. up to now, the deodorization 1.4m main pipeline from the solid waste treatment plant to the kiln cooler has been completed, and the kiln side pipeline has been transported to the installation site to complete 60% welding, and the treatment plant has been warmed up to the kiln end. about 50% of the welding between pipe sets is completed.

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