the huzhou governor belt enters the trial phase-百家乐凯发k8

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the huzhou governor belt enters the trial phase

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       huzhou south logistics co., ltd. transit warehousing and transportation of mechanical and electrical equipment installation project is a total investment of 520 million by huzhou south logistics co., ltd., nanjing kai sheng international engineering co., ltd. design, supply of northern heavy equipment, tianjin mine engineering co., ltd. construction of the general contractor the annual delivery capacity of 10.5 million tons of clinker conveying system, a total of 19 belt conveyors (total length is 22km), 177 control cabinets, 3100盏 lamps and lanterns; it is divided into 3 bids, and our company is responsible for a bidding section and a second bidding section. no. 4 tunnel equipment installation, electrical installation, non-standard production and installation project; 90% of the installation of a tender equipment is completed, single conveyor belt debugging is completed, electrical complete 85%, non-standard complete 60%, planned june 10 to the changxing line with material test, on june 16th, the baixie to changxing line took the material test, and on june 4th, the second section of the no. 4 tunnel and the electrical construction started.

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