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the end of the replacement of yunan kiln

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       the 2500t/d cement clinker production line of yunan hongyun cement co., ltd. was built in yunan county, yunfu city. the technical parameters of the rotary kiln replaced are: 4.0*60m. inspection and repair content: kiln head replacement 1 meter cylinder; gear inspection (replacement) bearing; adjustment of large gear ring irregular abnormal sound, transmission device coaxiality alignment; 1, 2, 3 under the retaining belt fixed plate replacement; production and replacement of 3 gear (48 pieces) movable pad, and adjust the gap between the three belt and the baffle; replacement of one gear; one wheel (relying on coal grinding side); scraping a 3#, 4# bearing bush, scraping second gear 4# bearing bush and so on 5 contents.
      our company started construction on july 20, and all 5 items were checked and accepted by august 2, and the materials were successfully put into use on august 6.

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