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the argentine project continues to advance

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       argentina lamali line 2 5800 tpd cement production line project is located in argentina, buenos aires, olavarria, camino real a 16 de julio s/n, paraje la pampita. b7463 cga. we dispatch qualified technical teams to provide professional technical guidance services to assist party a in the installation, construction, commissioning and performance evaluation of the argentina l'amali line 25800tpd project production line contracted by party a.
       at present, the installation work in argentina is difficult to advance. china dispatched technical service forces to guide the local consortium ut company to organize construction. due to language culture, thinking habits, working methods, labor protection, tool materials, trade union regulations, labor discipline, policies and regulations, etc., construction efficiency is not high.
       at present, the project has opened 11 points. through more than 4 months of running-in, some methods and techniques have been gradually found. at present, the installation efficiency of the kiln preheater tower is gradually accelerated; the rotary kiln and raw material mill cement grinding working surface are gradually unfolding; the limestone pre-homogenization yard installation work is carried out in an orderly manner; the second batch installation in the periphery is promoted in the running-in; the electrical total reduction transformation is normally promoted; the non-standard and non-standard equipment group pairs have started two groups, and the subsequent group will still open; the kiln tail the large bag has been dusted and the site preparation has begun.
       through the optimization of the organizational structure system and the strengthening of the plan management, the plan is to make a big change in the overall construction situation in may and improve the construction efficiency.
       in may, the number of ut workers reached about 500, and the number of effective construction workers reached more than 400.
       the main focus of work in may was: the second floor of the kiln preheater tower was installed, and the third layer was hoisted at 5.31; the rotary kiln scraping was basically completed, and the base was corrected; two vertical mills were installed with reducer; the transformation is basically over.

raw material vertical mill

kiln head cover pair

kiln tail and kiln

round stacking net and stacker and reclaimer installation
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