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meizhou project is in progress in a tense and orderly manner

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       jiaoling longteng rotary kiln cement co., ltd. is located in yakeng village, xinpu town, jiaoling county, meizhou city, guangdong province. it is contracted by tianjin cement design and research institute co., ltd. our company undertakes the dismantling, manufacture and installation of steel structure, non-standard and mechanical equipment, and the dismantling and installation of pipelines. the owner has shut down the kiln at 00:00 on may 1. preparations for the kiln have been completed before the shutdown. all the steel structures and non-standard production have been completed. the machines and tools have been fully prepared. the labor insurance supplies and auxiliary materials have been adequately prepared.
       up to now, the fan group of grate cooler has been demolished after 29 hours, the demolition of grate cooler crusher and upper shell has been completed, the demolition of lower part has been completed, the relevant non-standard demolition has been completed, some steel structures have been demolished, and the electric field cables have been demolished. the site construction personnel work overtime and work overtime. the project is proceeding in a tense and orderly manner.

removal of fan group of grate cooler

non-standard welding

safety mobilization meeting before kiln shutdown
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