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meizhou project formal feeding production

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        meizhou project belongs to technological transformation project, with short construction period and concentrated working face. the project is implemented in accordance with 24-hour uninterrupted operation. the main body of grate cooler was demolished for 6 days and handed over to civil construction. on the 12th day of kiln shutdown, civil construction began to gradually transfer to the foundation for delivery and installation. by the end of may, the main body of grate cooler was installed and handed over to masonry. the fan group of grate cooler was fully constructed at the end of the month, and the pulverized coal preparation exhaust fan and kiln head exhaust fan were inserted into the construction. the retrofit project of inclined zipper continued to operate 24 hours.
       the grate bed and clinker crusher in section i and ii of the grate cooler of meizhou project were successfully tested on june 15, ignited on june 19, and put into production at 8:40 a.m. on june 25.

installation of grate cooler main body completed on may 30

installation of crusher as a whole on may 27

successful ignition on june 19
 editor: li yufen