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the lhasa dazi project is advancing smoothly

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       this project is a mining project supported by lhasa chengdu qilian mountain cement co., ltd. the project is designed by nanjing kaisheng international engineering co., ltd. the general contractor and supervision unit of tianjin mine engineering co., ltd. is zhongtian technology international engineering co., ltd.
       our company undertakes the whole mine equipment, steel structure, non-standard, pipeline, electrical and other installation projects, with a total engineering volume of about 6000 tons. in the face of the bad weather which rains every day, together with the difficulties of unobstructed roads, limited sites, high anti-serious and so on, the project department has completed the installation of more than 20 span belt conveyor steel structure in just over a month through careful organization, and the whole line is expected to run through by the end of december.

(li xiaoxin contribution)