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completion of xiaoyi power bag change project

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       this project is the largest electric dust collection transformation of xing'an chemical aluminum oxide plant. it is necessary to remove the original electric dust collection electrode wire and devices such as pressure rise, vibration and box girder. only the original dust collection shell and ash hopper are retained and transformed into the bag dust collection project of metal filter bag.
       because the dust collector works in high temperature and high negative pressure environment for a long time (the inlet negative pressure is above - 10kpa, the temperature is between 125 and 200, and the instantaneous temperature is above 450), the ordinary cloth bag can not bear such high temperature, so this project uses 32280 bolts to fix 5380 metal filter bags; at the same time, in order to prevent dust collection and bag condensation, all compressed air pipe networks and spray. all the air bags are treated with heat preservation. the high negative pressure working environment brings many difficulties to the structural strength and construction, and the requirements of safety and quality of construction in chemical enterprises are higher than those in cement enterprises. our company overcomes all kinds of difficulties to complete the dust collection transformation and construction task on schedule.

(lu yajun contribution)