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liberia project single engine trial beginning

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       the heidelberg liberia roller press project started its stand-alone test run on october 7, 2019. with the pressing start button of the commissioning team, the 416bc28 belt has been ordered to run steadily after the command. the on-site commissioning personnel carefully check and check the important checkpoints such as the pull rope, the deviation switch and the sweeper of the belt, and the belts are running normally according to the expected design action. later, the commissioning group announces that the liberia 416bc28 belt single machine trial run is successful, which indicates the liberi. the single-machine test run of yahedelberg roller press retrofit project started.
       the single-machine test run of heidelberg roller press project in liberia can start on schedule. it can not be separated from the efforts of all liberian project personnel of the ministry of electrical and mechanical projects. because of the three-month delay in the previous civil construction, the installation period has been shortened by three months. the original five-month construction period of tianjin hospital has been shortened to less than three months.
       the first batch of our personnel arrived on july 20, july 25, the first batch of steel structures arrived, the steel structure foundation of roller press was poured on july 28, the preparation for lifting the steel structure began one day after civil maintenance, and the first lifting of the steel structure of roller press began on august 1, followed by the rainy season in liberia. the annual average precipitation of the place where our roller press was built was 30. 00mm, excluding six months of dry season, the precipitation in august and september reaches 35mm per day.
       the first batch of steel structure hoisting of heidelberg project roll press met xiamawei, when it was being hoisted that day, a heavy rain suddenly came. the constructors thought that the heavy rain would end in the next 12 minutes, and they all looked for a place to shelter from the rain. who would have thought that the heavy rain had not stopped for an hour; because the task was in hand, with the squad leader shouted. brothers, come out and do it. i don't know when the rain will stop. all the builders wear raincoats and start erecting the columns of the steel structure of the roller press in the wind and rain. when the worker took off his raincoat, his clothes were all wet. looking at his brothers'expressions, it was more painful than the rain. because the raincoat was airtight and the worker worked a lot during the construction process, the sweat had covered the clothes completely. nevertheless, there was no absence at work the next day, and the professionalism of the workers was really eye-catching.
       during august, we unloaded 72 containers in the rain and emptied them all and lifted them to the truck. as the containers are transit containers, they must be emptied and lifted to the truck loaded by the machine within 24 hours after the arrival of the container. the whole staff of tianjin jingxing machinery and electricity company carried forward their spirit of hardship and devotion, and achieved no delay in unloading containers within two months. in the case of misconstruction, the achievements of the installation of the steel structure and equipment of the roller press have been basically completed, so that the roller press can meet the conditions of single-machine test run within the planned time. in these report forms praised by the owners, the workers have made the most important contribution. at present, the liberia project is fighting at the bottom of the cement depot, striving for the goal of full commissioning on september 20, and the workers are fighting every day. work at 6:30 in the morning, work at 6:30 in the evening, rest for two hours at noon, work at 7:00 in the evening and work at 10:00 in the evening. all the workers'efforts to pay for the project department will have a good result, whether in rainy season or dry season, when the project has not been completed, it is the season for us to work hard! only by working hard can we make the flowers of victory blossom brightest!

(jin hailong contribution)