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adhere to the construction of syria project

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       the 6500tpd clinker line project in syria is located in the dumaer industrial park, 80km in the eastern suburb of damascus, the capital of syria. a 6500tpd clinker production line is designed for the project, which is equipped with cement grinding and self-contained power plant. up to now, part of the civil foundation of the clinker line has been basically completed, most of the equipment and steel structures have arrived, while non-standard and a small number of steel structures and some non-standard equipment supplied by the owner have not been completed. our company is responsible for the whole clinker line installation project, and sinoma construction is responsible for the construction of its own power plant.
       affected by the unstable situation in syria and the new crown epidemic situation, all kinds of construction materials on the site are scarce, and personnel cannot enter the site in time. with the strong support of the owner and the general contractor, our project department has overcome many difficulties, such as the shortage of riggers, the shortage of construction turnover materials, the difficulty of logistics supply, the lack of civil engineering coordination, the absence of technical management personnel, and the inability of follow-up workers to enter the site construction. at present, more than 500 tons of components have been reshipped and assembled, laying a good foundation for the overall installation after the outbreak.