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changshan south raw meal reconstruction project is about to

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       zhejiang changshan project is constructed by changshan nanfang cement co., ltd. and contracted by tianjin cement industry design and research institute co., ltd. our company is responsible for the technical transformation of raw material grinding roller press and the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment for cement grinding project.
       due to the late determination of the contract, the installation period of the whole raw meal transformation system is only 2 months. it is necessary to complete the non-standard fabrication and installation of nearly 1000t steel structure and the installation of 1000 tons of process equipment, as well as the corresponding electrical, pipeline, thermal insulation and other supporting works. at the beginning of the project, continuous rainstorm weather was caught up, and the construction in midsummer was extremely hot and unbearable. the project department dispatched excellent personnel and invested more than 140 people in a short period of time, which ensured that all pre installation tasks were completed before the kiln shutdown of the interface, which was highly praised by the general contractor and the owner. the project is expected to be put into operation in early september.