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the project of jinyu jidong project in laishui is coming to

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       laishui jinyu jidong environmental protection technology co., ltd. is a long-term cooperative unit of our company since the beginning of 2019. after the epidemic situation improved this year, we actively organized personnel to carry out the safety standard project and overhaul project. now the safety standard project is coming to an end. the maintenance items include: rotor scale transformation of raw meal homogenization silo, reconstruction of raw meal hot air pipeline, emergency repair of raw material vertical mill reducer, and warehouse in elevator belt joint repair, etc.

safety protection of belt conveyor in jinyu jidong safety standard project of laishui    safety protection of equipment counterweight device in jinyu jidong of laishui

transformation of rotor scale in jinyu jidong raw material storehouse in laishui    emergency repair of reducer for raw material vertical mill in jinyu jidong of laishui
reconstruction of hot air pipeline of raw meal system    safe loading operation platform for packing and scattering in construction safety standard project (july 2020)