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application of hydraulic coupling in cement machinery

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       hydraulic coupling with light load start, overload protection, mitigation shock, isolation vibration, coordination of multi-powered mechanical synchronous drive, balanced load, flexible braking performance, widely used in metallurgy, cement, chemical and other industries, in high power mechanical advantages are particularly prominent. with the continuous development of the cement industry, the use of hydraulic machinery on the cement coupling is extremely common, such as hoists, conveyors, crushers, ball mill and so on. this is mainly about how to use the hydraulic coupling on the cement machinery. this paper mainly discusses how to use the hydraulic coupling in the cement machine.
       first, how to choose a reasonable hydraulic coupling
       according to the equipment load selection of matching hydraulic coupling, if the hydraulic coupling selection is too large, the starting torque correspondingly too large, resulting in energy waste, the equipment overload can not play a good role in protecting the motor; type is too small, in the frequent start or equipment overload when the oil temperature increases, often the phenomenon of fuel injection, hydraulic coupling can not work properly.
       according to the equipment conditions to choose different forms of hydraulic coupling, from the connection form generally have the following forms: plum pad connection form, pin connection form, double flange connection form. from the performance division is generally divided into ordinary type, limited distance, delay type and with brake wheel type. at present, the most commonly used hydraulic machinery is the limit type hydraulic coupling.
       second, the installation of hydraulic coupling and how to use before the refueling
       whether the installation of the hydraulic coupling is in place directly affects the operation efficiency of the whole equipment. do not pay attention to the operation quality of the equipment. this will cause the equipment to be damaged or even damaged. the correct installation can play the normal function of the hydraulic coupling, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. service life.
       hydraulic coupling of the shell is generally aluminum alloy casting, is strictly prohibited directly beat;
       motor, hydraulic coupling, reducer must be coaxial, if the coaxial degree can not meet the requirements, the device will produce vibration. hydraulic coupling of the plum or nylon write off in a short period of time wear, resulting in damage to the hydraulic coupling, so strict requirements according to the operating instructions, the coaxial adjustment to a reasonable range;
      according to the provisions of the fuel to join the clean oil, the amount of oil filling, a direct impact on the size of the coupling transmission power. too much oil, transmission power, can not achieve the role of protection of the motor; anti-oil too little transmission power smaller, oil temperature will appear after the regular injection of the situation.
       third, the maintenance of the hydraulic coupling
       regular replacement of transmission oil, the general use of the hydraulic coupling in the first month after the operation should be completely replaced once the transmission oil, so that the impurities within the oil affect the use of the coupling, after the replacement once a year.
       check for leaks, especially if there is leakage of fusible plugs, if there is leakage in time to replace the fusible plug, is strictly prohibited with plugs or other objects to block the original fusible plug hole.
       check the plum pad or write off the wear and tear, the timely replacement.
       fourth, the elevator used hydraulic coupling often problems
       lifting machine the use of hydraulic coupling must be equipped with a good performance of the backstop, to prevent the helicopter reverse rotation. equipment in the operation of a sudden power failure or hydraulic coupling fusible melting, the device lost power, hopper hopper will rapidly decline, driven by the hydraulic coupling constant speed reversal, so that the coupling shell burst, damage to equipment, affect life safety. this situation has been preceded by a number of cement companies, must be strictly guard against.
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