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       improve the stability of cement quality has been the cement enterprises to seek the goal and direction, the domestic large-scale cement plant because of its super-pre-homogenization facilities and advanced ingredients management, the cement quality stability in the forefront of the country, such as conch cement 28d the factory standard deviation is controlled within 1.5mpa. however, for many cement plants due to previous design flaws, factory cement quality fluctuations are more common. this paper aims to improve the stability of cement quality by the implementation and evaluation of our cement exchange project.
      1. production situation
       my company has two calcium carbide slag cement production line, as the carbide slag cement enterprises are the existence of poor quality of the cement, so after my company's early demonstration and implementation, in the first and second line out of the cement between the structure of the two mutual for the delivery of air chute, the implementation of grinding cement swap. through nearly two months of observation and performance evaluation, confirmed that the project to achieve the purpose of improving the stability requirements.
       2. the project description
our company's cement exchange technology is mainly to improve the height of the cement bucket bucket elevator, and in the export of two additional air transfer chute (see figure 1 in the cross across the slash), while the new increase the corresponding arc valve.
figure 1 first, the second line out of cement exchange process
       3. the implementation of the effect and evaluation
       the technical evaluation of the selection of the company's main 42.5 cement products as the main evaluation of the object, taking into account the first-line, second-line and grinding, the factory cement quality fluctuations and grinding cement to the factory cement process as the evaluation content, the statistical results in table 1.
table 1 first and second line cement to improve the contrast
       as can be seen from table 1:
       1) first-line grinding cement 3d standard deviation of compressive strength than before the exchange, which is mainly before the exchange of the company to eliminate road cement crack adjustment ingredients lead to cement ingredients are not adjusted in time, if the control ingredients, this bias will remain effective reduced.
       2) the exchange of the stability of the factory cement quality improved significantly. because of the stability of our second-line cement product quality is better than the first line, when the second-line grinding cement into the first-line cement library, the first-line factory cement 3d compressive strength standard deviation from 2.63mpa down to 1.66mpa, , second-line factory cement 3d compressive strength standard deviation also appears to be slightly reduced.
       3) after interchangeing from the grinding cement to the factory cement process control ability to strengthen the homogenization coefficient from 0.81 to 1.13, indicating that the uniformity of cement has been improved steadily.
       4) before the exchange of our pre-3d compressive strength standard deviation of 2.01mpa, 28d compressive strength standard deviation of 2.67mpa, after the exchange in accordance with the factory 42.5 cement 3d compressive strength deviation of 1.70mpa calculation, 28d compressive strength standard deviation roughly 2.20mpa, calculated its coefficient of variation was 4.2% (according to my company 42.5 cement 28d compressive strength average of 52mpa), to the domestic level of medium-sized cement enterprises.
       4. conclusion
       1) cement exchange project is to solve most of the existing carbide slag cement enterprises and limestone cement enterprise cement quality fluctuations in a way, with the provincial investment, the effect is obvious.
       2) cement exchange capacity to improve the quality of cement is limited, improve the quality of cement products should also be from the personnel operation, process ingredients, equipment implementation and homogenization system and other aspects.
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